Hello ! I'm Aurélie, and
I like to draw the Web


I’d love to share some of the things
I made here with you.

By the way, I am currently looking for an internship in web design / development from October 2013 to January 2014.
Interested ? Contact me.

the way i see it // shortly : www = cool

To me, the web is like to an infinite pile of legos (or Minecraft, if you want).
A bit like a giant playground. You can create pretty much anything you want out of nothing.
And - that - is pretty darn cool, in my opinion.

So, long story short, I make stuff for the World Wide Web and I enjoy it very much.

Want more ?

fun projects // my favorite ones

minimal posters : tim burton

print design for esiaj (school)

Collection of 7 Tim Burton themed minimal posters, all based on a triangular grid.

(It's harder than it looks like.)

See the project

e-campus interface : esiaj

web design for esiaj (school)

E-campus is a system that makes sharing and communication easier within a given school. Our job here was to think of new functionalities and design them.

A few touch ups and it will be totally live. In the meantime, you can check the pdf that will walk you through the entire project.

coming soon

nothing but wait for me

I want to put some illustrations in there. But I don’t have illustrations I feel strongly enough to put in there, so waiting for some, here is a king cat who’s playing the role of a badass placeholder image. Also, 3 is a good number.